ideas into energy promotes the spread of sustainable energy and environmental protection technologies to international market, in four key areas:

  • Policy Consulting

For selected technologies, with high application potential, we conduct country-specific analyses of political, legal and other frameworks with regard to existing capacities in education, science, industry and social acceptance in order to assess the opportunities and challenges for the dissemination of these technologies. These studies will form an important basis for the planning of capacity development projects.

  • Capacity Development

We initiate - together with other non-profit organizations, with research institutions, with public bodies, with associations and with companies - international projects to activate and strengthen institutions for the dissemination of sustainable energy and environmental protection technologies. Our focus here is to initiate a self-sustaining dissemination of the solutions by strengthening foreign associations or other non-governmental organizations, strengthening local added value and simultaneously contribute to climate protection, environmental protection and resource efficiency.

  • Thematic education

Together with specialized training institutes, we share the knowledge and experience gained in Germany and Europe on the possibilities of using sustainable energy and environmental technologies on an international level. To this end, we initiate, promote or contribute to educational projects for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and for vocational training centers. Depending on the context of the measure, we work with foreign ministries of education, with school authorities, with universities and with internationally active cultural institutes. In the case of vocational training, our foreign partners are regularly the associations and chambers of the energy, water and waste management as well as public, private or church owned training institutes.

  • Networking Events

In order to connect relevant stakeholders, to successfully initiate research, education and policy advice projects, we organize conferences and workshops with international participants. Here we bring together NGOs, research institutions, public authorities, associations and companies and discuss ongoing projects or new project approaches.