Cyclurban continues! Its enhanced version for Slovakia began in October 2019

On 1 October 2019, ideas into energy started to implement a follow-up of the successful Cyclurban project which for Slovakia finished in February 2019. Cyclurban+ (Mobility change, not climate change) is continuing where the first project concluded and is building on the tasks already done in the framework of its predecessor.

The Cyclurban+ project aims to contribute to the transition of the transport sector in Slovakia and the Czech Republic by advancing cycling as a sustainable mode of transport. Except for the activities at the national levels, project partners will also demonstrate which cycling-friendly measures should be put into practice in cities during the lifetime of the project. The main project’s focus is, therefore, placed on the acceleration of GHG emissions mitigation efforts through the promotion of sustainable mobility options, especially cycling transport. Except for ideas into energy, also national partners from Slovakia represented by a civic association called Cyklokoalícia as well as the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation are implementing the project.

ideas into energy gGmbH is responsible for the establishment of an online platform on how to fund cycling infrastructure through national and EU funding schemes for municipalities. Moreover, we will also support our Slovak partner Cyklokoalícia in organising four seminars intended for municipalities taking place throughout Slovakia. With the aim of ensuring successful implementation of the already developed national policy recommendations into practice, ideas into energy is simultaneously working on policy briefs addressed to national decision-makers as well as on the building of a policy change coalition facilitating the recommendations’ implementation. Thanks to our experience from the first project, we are supporting our Czech partner in the elaboration of its policy recommendations for Czechia, too.

Concerning the upcoming activities of the project, a reflection of national experience and discussion of the outcomes of Cyclurban project as well as new activities of Cyclurban+ are to be discussed at the first-kick off meeting in Zagreb in early December 2019.

As in the case of its pilot for Slovakia, the project is funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). The Cyclurban+ project, which is running from October 2019 until December 2021, is led by the Baltic Environmental Forum Deutschland (BEF DE).