Know-how and technology transfer in Argentina

Promoting the use of renewable energies and modern environmental technology through the exchange of know-how and establishing practice-oriented education in Argentina

Argentina's energy supply is heavily influenced by fossil fuels. About 50% of the production is gas, 39% oil and about 1% is coal. The remaining 10% is generated from renewable energy sources, particularly hydropower. The country has to import its energy sources, especially liquified gas, from abroad, which reduces the country's fiscal capacity. Over the next 20 years, Argentina will need to add at least 1,500 megawatts of additional generating capacity per year to meet the demand for electricity, which is growing at about 4 percent per year.

Against this backdrop, eclareon, together with the German-Argentine Chamber of Industry and Commerce and other local partners, has launched a project for the exchange know-how and and modern energy and environmental technology solutions. ideas into energy supports this project.

The workshops are organized to teach about the current relevant solutions, and companies from Germany and Argentina are brought together to initiate pilot projects. Accompanying these measures, lectures for students will be prepared and implemented with several partner universities.