RETech & GWP industry event 2018

2nd RETech & GWP industry event with presentations of current market trends in the waste and water management sectors in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam & Montenegro on June 8th in Berlin

The 2nd industry event presenting the current market trends in the waste and water management sectors in these six foreign markets will take place on the 8th of June 2018 at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Berlin.

Last year, country reports for Ukraine, Serbia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Cuba were prepared and presented at an industry event at the BMU in March 2017. These reports were developed by the offices of German RETech Partnership (RETech) and German Water Partnership (GWP) with other member companies.

The first industry event, with its many impulse contributions and panel discussions, was a major success with more than 1000 companies and researchers having since downloaded the first six country reports from the RETech and GWP websites to draw on them for market development purposes.

Building on this positive response, the BMU has facilitated, under the auspice of the Export Initiative for Environmental Technologies, six further country reports about the waste and water management sectors and a presentation of these at an industry event in the BMU. The six countries selected for 2018 are: Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam and Montenegro.

The project has been carried out by a consortium of member companies, namely: BlackForest Solutions GmbH, tilia GmbH and uve GmbH. Andreas von Schoenberg Consult, BiPRO GmbH, Dr. Ing. Burghard-ibd and Intecus GmbH were responsible for authoring the reports and eclareon GmbH was responsible for technical coordination of the project.

Further information about the program and registration can be found here: