Dr. Boris Valach

Boris holds Master of Arts degree (with honours) in Public Policy from the Comenius University in Bratislava. Moreover, he holds Master of Science degree in International Trade awarded by the University of Economics in Bratislava. Boris defended his PhD dissertation on the topic of Human Rights Provisions in the EU International Agreements in the study programme European Studies and Policies in August 2018. Additionally, he has two Bachelor degrees; one in European Studies and the other one in Business Management.

Boris works as a Project Manager at ideas into energy. He takes part in different projects aiming at analysing the legal framework conditions as well as questions concerning grid connection, operation and development for RES. Boris gained practical experience during his active participation in the agenda of the Slovak Governance Institute (SGI), the Institute of Public Affairs (IVO), in Centire - company providing consultancy services on EU funds, as well as at the Ministry of Finance (MF SR), and also as an Assistant of a Member of Parliament of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (NR SR).

+49 30 88 66 740 0
Boris Valach
Project Manager